Creative Minds Start Here

At Inventive Minds Kidz In-Home Care, our children's focus is on creating deeper thinking and a creative mind. Our module is play, learn, and grow.

We are the 1st of a kind in-home child care that facilitates and trains a full course on 101 early years to our home care providers by using and supporting educational materials that are combination of the following teaching models: Montessori, Early Learning Framework and Core Knowledge with in their home. The In-home providers home becomes a laboratory of learning and as facilitators they provide age appropriate, safe environment where the children learn to explore and learn in a fun way. Early numeracy, introduction to letters and sounds are some of the basic concept that are introduced to our children.

We have also created structure zoom classes to encourage and foster other forms of learning for our children. Baby sign class, baby gymnastic, ballet, piano is example of some of fun interactive classes that are created in out in-home care facility.