Our preschool classes are divided in three groups: 2.5–3 years, 3–3.5 years and 3.5–4 years. Our small group size and detailed division of the ages helps us to maintain each child’s individual needs, while ensuring we meet each child’s well-being and feeling of belonging.

At this stage of development, our preschoolers are exposed to the Early Framework, Montessori and Core Knowledge methods. Sequential learning taught to our children at this stage of development will further their social and emotional development, language, numeracy, cognitive and abstract thinking. All our educators are trained in child development and introduce daily activities that promote brain stimulation through hands-on learning.

All educators who facilitate learning at Inventive Minds are RECE and will ensure your child’s emotional and physical well-being is met on a daily basis. Each educator is handpicked and is very committed to your child’s educational and emotional well-being.


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