Complementary Teaching Models

At Inventive Mindz Kidz Academy, our children's focus is on creating deeper thinking and a creative mind. Our curriculum not only works towards this but evolves from research. We have four terms: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Depending on their age group, children receive portfolios and report cards at the end of each academic term. 

Our curriculum combines three complementary teaching models: Montessori, Early Learning Framework and Core Knowledge. By using these proven methods together, we create a unique, well-balanced educational program that facilitates early learning and brain development. The power of abstract thought empowers children to think logically. Early childhood education prepares the path for abstract thought and intellectual development. This essential preparatory work yields a strength for building intelligence throughout life. Inventive Mindz Kidz Academy continues the same abstract teaching method throughout its elementary year. 

In a creative yet structured environment, your child is introduced to early literacy, numeracy, science and discovery, French programs, music, fine motor development, social and emotional development, self-care skills, athletic and artistic activities. The teacher's role in early childhood and elementary education is to provide children with a wide variety of experiences in the classroom and outside in surrounding nature. A focus on free play and imagination and age-based structural learning helps children to easily create mental images, which later leads to creative thinking and their mobility of intellectual concepts.