Development & Learning

One of the most important aspects of infant learning is ensuring their cognitive development is stimulated while building a sense of security and healthy attachment. Our trained and caring staff cater to each infant's needs based on their individual schedule, as we realize each child is unique. 

Our infants engage in fun, age-appropriate and safe activities based on their stage of development. Activities include baby sign language, nursery rhymes, basic introduction to early literacy and numeracy concepts, sensory activities and many more.

Parents are encouraged to join newly enrolled infants in class to create a smooth and comfortable transition into care. Our infants are separated into two groups to ensure programming is appropriate for their stage of development. The first is for newborns to 13 months, and the second is for 14 to 18 months old. Parents receive a daily report outlining their children's emotional, nutritional, physical, and intellectual activities and progress.

Full time, part time and nursery hours are available.