Admission / Registration

Inventive Mindz Kidz Academy believes in providing a harmonious environment where every child and family feels they are in a safe, healthy and happy environment. Our admissions office is here to support families by offering the highest quality service. Before registration, we encourage families to fill in the request for a tour, and the admission office will follow up within 24 business hours to book your appointment. While here, families are encouraged to watch our teaching staff interact with the children. 

Once enrolled, families can sit in the classroom with their child during the transition period. This process helps the child, parent, and educator to develop a positive bond.  The child enjoys secure detachment from the parent, positive engagement and a sense of security in their new environment and with their educators. We found that this technique helps families to feel more confident, comfortable and less anxious as our families blend as one. 

We offer the first month free for our infant families as we realize this is an extremely sensitive transition for the family and child. We ask that families begin this transition at least one month before going back to work.

Families enrolling a new toddler or preschooler receives the first two weeks free to help support the transition into the classroom. 

We believe in placing our children's health and parental well being as our top priority. 

Director Of Operations

The Director of Operations works closely with the Ministry of Education and in compliance with the CCEYA Act and all other regulation bodies to ensure your children's safety is met.

Principal & Vice Principal

Our management team works closely with families to ensure children's day to day needs are met above and beyond required standards. 

Family Coordinators

Every family who joins the Inventive Minds family is assigned a family coordinator. Before starting with our program, families sit with our parent practitioner, social workers to discuss their transition into the school.

The coordinator helps the family and child to transition to the classroom with our teachers. This guided process helps ensure that everyone involved works together to create a positive and harmonious transition. We account for all individual or particular needs and create an appropriate plan of action with our staff's input. Your coordinator will be in regular contact throughout your time at Inventive Minds, guiding your child and family through each developmental milestone and stage with the very best care and consideration. 

Quality Assurance Compliance

Inventive Minds takes children's physical health very seriously. Every child is unique, and many have specific medical needs such as food or environmental allergies, immune issues or otherwise. Once we identify these needs, our quality compliance team meet with management, teachers and food providers to ensure we implement proper practices while the child is in our care.


Each member of our teaching staff is highly trained, certified and registered with the governing body of their profession. All are registered early childhood educators in good standing with the College of Early Childhood Educators, registered Montessori educators or registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. Upon hiring, we train all staff on the Positive Early Childhood Education Program (P.E.C.E.), First Aid and C.P.R. and a certified food handling course.