Through the lens of an eye of a child everything looks full of bright colors

In a home environment the little toddlers can explore, play and learn while the provider works as a facilitator and provides safe, engaging activity for the children. small group sizes allow the provider to identify and address each child's needs, well-being, and sense of belonging. At this stage of development, our toddlers are exposed to both the Early Framework and Montessori learning methods.

Through a combined play and sensory approach, our children develop their social and emotional development, language, numeracy, and cognitive development. All our In-home care providers are trained in child development and introduce daily activities that promote brain stimulation through hands-on learning. Families receive a weekly report on their child's educational progress and learning milestones.

All our in-home care providers are committed to your child's overall well-being. Parents receive a daily report outlining their children's emotional, nutritional, physical, and intellectual activities and progress.