We are proud to offer a contemporary modern facility designed to ensure each child’s sense of belonging and well-being is met.

Safety and security

Only approved adults can enter the building. Parents tell us this added security feature offers assurance that their child is safe and sound.

Oversized classrooms with lots of windows

Many of our rooms and windows exceed industry standard size. This extra space and natural light offer a bright, creative and stimulating environment. Colour coordination is chosen based on colour research to ensure a balance of calmness and excitement in a child’s day.

Indoor gym

We provide an indoor gym, which gives the children the opportunity to play indoors during special weather conditions. Another feature that parents love about Inventive Minds!

Outdoor playgrounds

Our facilities have two outdoor playgrounds: one for infants and toddlers, and one for pre-schoolers and kindergarten children. These areas are fenced off and exceed all safety standards.

Specialty rooms

Because we provide children with a variety of extracurricular activities (sports, arts, dance, music) throughout the day, we have special separate spaces designed to ensure children can enjoy these additional programs and skills. These spaces include a music room, an indoor gym and an art room.

Professional cleaning staff

Professional cleaners visit the school every day after hours to clean the facilities and the toys. Following Ministry of Health sanitization processes ensures that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to maintain a safety standard and minimize illness.

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