Our Facility

At Inventive Minds, our top priority is to offer the children in our care a safe and inclusive environment in which they are free to thrive. Our facility boasts a contemporary and modern design with a combination of open and private spaces to encourage both collaborations and to respect privacy.

Safety and security

Daily, we only allow approved adults to enter the building. At all other times, all doors remain locked and require someone inside to grant admission, and cameras are located at each entrance. Any adult or parent coming in for a facility tour or visit, to perform work, teach a class or otherwise, must sign-in at the main office and present a valid ID for verification. No non-staff adult is left unsupervised at any time. 

Oversized classrooms with lots of windows

Our facility features oversized classrooms with lots of windows exceeding industry standards.

We have lots of extra space and natural light for a bright, creative, and stimulating environment. Room and common area colours are thoughtfully chosen using a research-based colour scheme to promote a balance of calmness, comfort and excitement for our children. 

Indoor gym 

We use our indoor gym during exceptional weather conditions, so the children never miss physical activity opportunities!

Outdoor playgrounds

Our facility features two outdoor playgrounds: one for infants and toddlers, and one for preschoolers and kindergarten children. These areas are fenced and exceed all safety standards.

Specialty rooms

Because we provide children with a variety of extracurricular activities (sports, arts, dance, music, etc.) throughout the day, we have separate spaces designed to ensure children can enjoy these additional programs. These spaces include a music room, an indoor gym and an art room.

Professional cleaning staff

Professional cleaners visit the school every day after hours to clean the facilities and the toys. Following the Ministry of Health, sanitization processes ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to maintain safety standards and minimize illness.