“Great beginning inspires great possibilities”

When discussing early years of education and child-development, one of the most critical topics is our children's safety and well-being.
Attachment theory indicates that happy children can master higher levels of emotional and intellectual intelligence.

They have mastered the skills needed to communicate more appropriately and happily with their environment through pleasant and engaging
play and socialization with friends and caregivers. Inventive Minds follows a systematic approach by ensuring families can connect with licensed
social workers, family/child therapists and practitioners during their transition to the new environment.

Our home care providers are trained and certified in positive early learning Triple P to understand that emotional connection is crucial in
children's emotional health. In this state, children feel attunement to their environment. When children are emotionally happy and involved in
his/ her surroundings, their physical needs, such as sleeping and eating, thrive. In such an atmosphere, children socialize, play cooperatively
with friends, follow directions, have more positive engagement with their educators and engage in learning as they thrive.