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Welcome to
Inventive Minds

Our Vision and Philosophy

Inventive Minds Child, Youth and Family Support Center, was established in 2011. We are a not-for-profit organization with a mission to support and empower families and children to be the best version of themselves. We help families to develop the skills needed to build a harmonious and supportive home and educational environment and a safe space to thrive.

We believe the community and educational environment of children help to support and shape their future. With that in mind, we nurture their emotional and intellectual intelligence starting from pre-birth through the teen years. To raise independent and responsible children, we help them to develop high-level social and communication skills, emotional self-regulation, independence, and academic confidence.

Our Facility

At Inventive Minds, we believe in working with the families to provide the healthiest environment for the children in our care. We do this by providing high-quality child care at our Thornhill facility for infants to age 6. We also offer child care through our in-home child care providers trained under the Positive Early Childhood Education (P.E.C.E) and licensed under the Ministry of Education CCEYA Act.

Inventive Minds College is our private elementary school. We offer a full day curriculum and programs for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. Our curriculum combines the best of three complementary educational methods—Montessori, Core Knowledge and High Scope—in an inspiring environment. Children learn and explore in a safe and nurturing setting with educated, trained and qualified teaching staff. Our educators show children that learning is fun and start them down the path to future success!

Programs & Tutoring

Inventive Minds welcomes international students to study at our school or from abroad through our online learning courses. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, programs and EQAO Tutoring. From athletics to language to the arts, we have something for every child to discover. We extend our services by offering community programs, such as Family Therapy sessions by registered Positive Parenting Practitioners, therapists, social workers. We offer parenting courses and workshops to help parents develop confidence in day-to-day parenting skills. New moms and dads can join in for fun, interactive activities and classes to meet other parents and enjoy time with their infants and toddlers.

Inventive Minds Kidz Academy in Vaughn & Thornhill. Day Care and Newborn Programs.

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Inventive Minds Kidz Academy in Vaughn & Thornhill. Day Care and Newborn Programs.

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