Collaborative Mediation Law Services


Mediation refers to of alternative dispute resolution in which the parents meet in a neutral third party in effort to make the best decision for the wellbeing of the children.

Mediators and lawyers work closely together in the best interest of the children ensuring best alternative measures are in place for the children wellbeing.


our experienced family mediators background on child-development, finance, realestate residential and commercial experties and high conflict resolution are able to create a safe environment

ensuring all parties best interest are met, assisting you to work out all aspects of your separation including parenting plans(custody and access, child support, spousal support and division of property.

We can also help you in making changes to existing arrangments or to address issues that have arisen.

We specialize in the following areas:

      .  Parenting Plan

      .  Child Support

      .  Spousal Support

      .  Asset and Property division ( residential/ commercial asset) 

      .  Parent coordinator in case of high conflict separation court order recommended

      .  Parenting courses recognized by the children's lawyers and children aid society.

      .  Family transition after separtion and divorce therapy and counselling 


Mediation processes can be done virtual or in person by all parties involved.     

We are proud to offer our services in the following languages:

  • English
  • Farsi (Persian)

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