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At Inventive Minds Institute we provide resources and training materials to parents,couples and families that want to learn new parenting techniques or skills. We cover topics such as Exceptional Children, Special Needs, Day to Day Parenting, Self Help. 

If you're reading this page, it's because we came across your profile or you were recommended by your peers and were immediately impressed with your experience and would like to collaborate with you in creating an online course and/or ebook to offer to our community of parents. This means sharing knowledge with the those that may have a need to learn from you. 

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This page will outline the procedures and answer some questions you may have: 

A. Will I be compensated?
A.  Yes, We are a reputable organizations and we wouldn't have it any other way. Your sales royalty depends on amount of content assistance you require.

Q. What is the benefit of having a course or writing for your website?
A. You will become an expert within your field. Your book and course will be distributed and promoted to our network and community which includes, parents and professionals

Q. I know nothing about being an instructor, how much time is involved?
A. We have a team dedicated to your success and you will be assigned a project manager to assist you on the creation of your book and course.

Q. If I already have an Ebook or a Course, Can you just use that?
A. Absolutely, however it must meet our brand standards and fit within our community belief. There may also be a need for dimension conversions on your end.

Q. Can i use the content i create elsewhere?
A. If the content created was originally yours, yes. If your content was assisted by our organization, we must approve all new partnerships, but yes we usually allow it.

Q. What kind of material would i need to create?
A. That depends on your expertise, skills and how much effort you wish to put forth. An average book consists of 157 Pages (7" x 10"), 13 chapters. 

Q. Where will my course be viewed and book sold?
A. The course and books themselves will be viewed on our website and all our social media groups and pages as we promote it online and offline. You may also be tagged on social media if that's something you wish as well. We will also place your book on, Barnes and Noble. 

Q. Can i create more than one course?
A. Yes, if we feel that your expertise can be expanded into multiple courses or books, we would love to work with you on all of them. However it's always best to start with one and get it right. 

Q. What type of equipment do i need?
A. If you're creating an ebook or writing articles, you may do this with any word processing software. If you're creating a video course, you need a camera of capturing at 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution which can be achieved on any 2015+ cell phone. Once your videos are recorded, we will outline an easy process of sending us the video for professional editing. 

Q. Will I see the final product before it's released?
A. Yes, we want to make sure that you are represented professionally and happy with the product. We will make sure you are part of the entire process from start to the end. 

If you're interested in moving forward, let's dive into the process Contact