Rose Morsh

Founder, B.A. Early Childhood Educator ,Positive Parenting Program Practitioner and Family Mediator

Rose Morsh is the founder of Inventive Minds Child, Youth and Family Support Centre, Elementary Private School and Youth Mentorship Program. Her passion is building positive family relationships, especially between parents and their children. 

 She becomes an extension of the families in her care as they navigate parenthood from expectancy to adolescence and teenage years. With a focus on parental relationships, adolescent and teen mentorship, and children with ADHD/ADD and autism, she believes in the power we each have to flourish just as we are. Having worked with thousands of families over her 20-year career, she draws from personal challenges as a parent to help families overcome obstacles to thrive. 

Rose obtained her degree in psychology from York University and is a Registered Early Childhood Educator in good standing. During her years of running a child care facility and elementary school, she recognized a systematic gap between education and psychology. In short, no one teaches us emotional IQ, how to parent with another adult in or outside of the home, how to manage conflict, or how to navigate the many developmental, navigating adolescents and teens, behavioural or learning challenges you might encounter as you raise children. Her daily work focuses on changing that dynamic. 

Recognizing this need led to her designing a more holistic approach to family education and support. It also led to her becoming a certified Positive Parenting Practitioner to round out her expertise and ability to support families more fully.  In this capacity she visits families in their home to get a sense of true day-to-day life to then design a plan to address each member's challenges and goals. 

Rose provides parents with a toolbox of ideas for them to choose the combination that works for them. Her vision is to be a guiding light and hand as she empowers parents to be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Homa Ansari, Ph.D Family Counselling - Registered Child, Adolescent and Adult Clinical Psychologist, Author

Dr. Homa Ansari is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychologist. She completed her specialty training in Family Counselling at the University of Azad, the University of Shahid Chamran in Iran and Post Doctorate at Harvard Research and Innovation College in Canada. Her expertise includes family consultation and guidance, maternal mental health, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Dr. Ansari possesses a unique skill set and passion in cognitive behavioural therapies, which allows her to build trust and connection with children through storytelling, games and artistic expression. She works with couples and families improve household dynamics by starting from the root of communication challenges, parenting skill-building and conflict management. Her work with youth and adolescents incorporates specialty training in identifying and working through commonly faced challenges and therapies for special needs, including autism. 

Dr. Ansari is a published author. Her work explores pediatric disorders, the effects of bullying, developing mental fortuity in athletes, and parenting methods. Her lectures and teaching have covered premarital and relationship counselling, mutual behaviour analysis (TA), curriculum planning and time management, and teaching parents education psychology and how to identify adolescent and youth emotional challenges. She is a current member in good standing of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and is fluent and able to provide therapy in both Farsi and English. 

Adam Staviss

Youth Development Coach and Mentor, Founder & Head Instructor at STaRS Community

Over a 16 year career, Adam has worked with thousands of students around the world to guide them on a journey of self-discovery and personal development through music. While teaching students to master an instrument, Adam incorporates his unique methods to encourage early childhood development and improve communication, stress management, relationships and family dynamics. Through his professional development training and assessment, he helps adolescents, teens and young adults with growth and development planning and goal setting.

Through his one-on-one and family seminars, he guides participants in developing skills and strategies useful in the various scenarios and challenges life can bring with a positive outlook. Versed in teaching vocals, drums, ukulele, guitar, bass, piano, trumpet and hand percussion, students learn to focus and confidence. His passion is to guide individuals and families to achieve what they aspire to, support them through challenges and create a positive and welcoming environment for growth.